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How to create documentary movie

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Personal documentary

Learn how to create a captivating movie about yourself or your business

7 lessons

of concentrated wisdom and practical advices

200+ students

already finished course and marked it with 5 stars feedback

15 years of experience

Olga managed to create more then 20 documentary films

Documentary Film is the most safe and effective way to present yourself to the world, and create positive expectations within your target audience.

About course

This course gives you complete representation of how to create captivating documentary movies about personal brand or a business.

You will learn most important rules and technics to rely on. You will get in touch with 15-years of silly mistakes, great wins and unexpected insights.

This course is a must

if you want to promote your personal brand or business globally in most indirect, polite but powerfull and effective way.

Why us?

Olga Sapozhnikova

Originally hailing from Russia, Olga Sapozhnikova served as a Russian diplomat in Japan. After a six year stint with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, she developed an interest in filmmaking.

Olga graduated from the school of political journalism in Russia and Manhattan film Academy in Dubai, and based in Dubai now. Her first film “Harem” was about famous UAE women and has been telecast on Russian television, then she made a film for TNT channel “Risky girls” about why women choose dangerous professions. “Hidden Beauty” – documentary about eastern and western women in UAE was recently screened in La Femme film festival LA and Montreal film festival.

Invest in legacy, not ego

Connections everywhere

We know how to promote your documentary even in harsh areas as Arabic countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman) and East region (China and India)

Synchronized with branding

Our 15 minute documentary film easily transforms to 3 minute personal presentation and 30 second hook video. 

Established system

We have several teams across the world that have real experience in creating documentary movies, TV-shows, action movies. 

Olga made more then 10+ documentary movies

Some examples are below

Why documentary?

Clear communication without bias

Interesting to watch

Synchronized with your brand values

Status statement

Serves you decades

Helps create connections with partners all around the world


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