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Worldwide influence

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on how to create globally recognized personal brand

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About the course

We interviewed 5 experts and tried to find the patterns that come along with every successful global personal brand.

And you know what? We found them!

There are four crucial insights that you should understand and take into account before you start building personal brand. Find them free inside the course!

This course is a must

if you are an expert, author or speaker and you want to expand your personal brand worldwide.

Our experts

from different countries, with various background and real experience

Julie Miles Lewis

British motivational speaker, author, personal leadership specialist

Amazing Almasa

Dubai Style Influencer

Rehab Qasim

Startup consultant, founder of SpaceOman

Matt Stefanelli

MD EBOPRAS MBA, Plastic surgeon

Olga Sapozhnikova

CEO of Hidden Hero, former diplomat in Japan, communication expert

What you get?

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After the course you will clearly see if you have this vital patterns for creating global personal brand or not. Next step – create strategy to fill the gap.


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