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I am producer

I search for experts, authors and speakers for my podcast, video blog, online course or event

I am speaker, author, expert

I search for new opportunities to promote personal brand and monetize my expertise

Exchange content for PR

Hidden Hero unite producers and expert community. Producers get quality content. And experts – free PR.

What content?

Hidden Hero was created to connect those who need to fill in their broadcasting grid with quality content (audio, video, text) and fresh ideas with those who need to promote their ideas all over the world.

Simple search

It’s easy to find an expert, author or speaker that suits you in terms of subject matter, experience, style, philosophy, and values.

Face control

We check all accounts and reject those that do not meet our standards.

How we audit accounts?

We select those experts, authors or speakers who fulfill one of the conditions:

  1. An expert, author, speaker has a personal website or live social media account where activity can be tracked
  2. There is a video or audio with an expert, author or speaker speech
  3. Expert, speaker, author was advised by a member of the community whom we trust
  4. There are citations and mentions in Google


If you are an expert, speaker or author, please be aware of our selection process.


Grow your audio podcasts, video blogs and personal brands with the support of the Hidden Hero education platform

Worldwide reach

As a part of Hidden Hero project you get access to producers and experts, authors and speakers from all over the world.

Exponential growth

Authors, experts and speakers as well as producers get access to an unlimited number of opportunities for partnership promotions

Saving time and money

Producers save time on searches, and experts, authors, speakers and practitioners save on promotion.

Until January 2021, Hidden Hero is in the testing phase, and therefore is completely free. You just need to register on the site to gain access to the search function and unlimited communication.


Choose the format that best fits your needs

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Read private blog posts + + +
Enroll to free courses + +
Answer messages and offers + +
Listed in the membership directory + +
Search within membership directory +
Start conversation +
Enroll to private courses +
Requirements Register Fullfill profile Buy subsription
Cost Free Free 20$ per month
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If you are a speaker, author, expert and you plan to participate in podcasts as a guest, then Level 2 is enough for you. If you are a producer of podcasts, live broadcasts or video blogs and you need to look for guests, then Level 3 is for you.

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