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First step to charisma

Each of us has our own understanding of charisma. In this post we will not prove that ours is correct. But we will definitely agree that you want to listen to a charismatic person or watch it to the end.

Let it be our touchpoint where we are on the same wave.

Next please answer the following question. What are the brightest examples of charismatic people that you can remember without looking at Google or Instagram? Here’s our list:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Barack Obama
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Alain Delon
  • Jim carrey
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Helena DeGeneres
  • Steve Jobs
  • Will Smith
  • Neil Degrasse Tyson

You, of course, have other names. But your list will be still similar to ours. In what direction? Absolutely different people are listed there: country, gender, nationality, industry, profession, so it is impossible to find at least some regularity. Except for one: all these personalities are popular.

They have different coverage and topics, but the fact remains: millions of people know them. As a researchers, we must ask the question: where is the cause, and where is the effect? Does popularity follow charisma or vice versa?
To answer this question, let’s go through a little mental exercise. Imagine that now the place where you work will enter somebody from your list. He or she walks up to where you are sitting, looks at the computer and suddenly begins to tell you how you really need to work. No matter what you actually do. Will you listen carefully to the end? I bet you do. And not out of respect.

Even if they say absolutely nonsense, you will be impressed and think they are right. Why? We trust celebrities. That is why their faces are in advertisements for banks and construction companies.

This means that charisma is associated with popularity, and not with real merit and deeds.

“How so ?! – you exclaim, – Tony Robbins became so popular because he said the right things interestingly and energetically. And Will Smith’s never-ending positivity doomed him to the attention of a wide audience!”

You are right, right. But let’s honestly answer one question to ourselves: how many motivational speakers on our planet are objectively better or are the same as Tony Robbins? Thousands. How many actors, comedians and showmen who joke better and more energetically than Will Smith. Thousands.

Are these thousands «Tonys» and «Smiths» worthy? Yes, they are worthy. But they don’t have the audience attention that the real Tony and Smith has. And therefore they take all the cream.

Not all charismatic people become popular. But if you have become popular, then you can definitely be called charismatic in one way or another. It is the way how stardust magic works.

So, the main conclusion. If you want to become charismatic, then, first of all, you should think about how to become popular and in demand. We wish you fame. It is the right route to charisma.

The Hidden Hero Team

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