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To stand out you should be more than great

Compare the top TV shows today with 10 years ago. The difference is colossal: not only more explosions, but more essence. This is an example of the positive evolution of classic media. If you want people to turn on your channel, you need to create Game of Thrones or Black Mirror. We go to cinemas either from nostalgia or to Marvel films. The visual attraction has won the mainstream media. But if you hope that social networks will be a haven for the author’s low-budget format, then we have to disappoint you.

Now everyone can open their own media. And they take this opportunity. As a result of the information supply expanded to unprecedented heights, the pressure on the viewer’s attention has grown inconceivably. Viewer gets lost in the constant scrolling of the feed and just gets used to not paying attention to the essence. And what remains for those who create this content? Play with form and leave behind the substance. Devices and mechanisms come to the rescue: here you have two 4K cameras with switching plans, and captions with dynamic transitions, and a splash screen with a soundtrack, and antics with dances and further downward. All in order to hold the viewer’s focus for an extra couple of seconds.

If you are an expert, author or speaker and fit into this game, then you are in trouble. Because as soon as you give a hint about something serious, and you have to, you teach something, then you will be swiped right away. And here the choice is not big: get off the hype needle and lose coverage, or continue the show.

The good news is this game won’t last long. Very soon, the kaleidoscope of talking heads and dances with tambourines will bore everyone and people will demand depth and meaning. It’s about to happen.

And this is a chance to blossom and get its due for those who create truly deep and unique content. Who will win this game, time will tell. But we would give it a try.

Hidden Hero Team

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