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When do you really need to go global?

As an expert, speaker or author you want to spread your ideas worldwide. But do you really need it? Because every global promotion is conjugated with huge budgets, enormous personal efforts and high risk of failure.

The answer “I just want to” is the wrong one. You also have to add “I can do it”. But it will be a lie because the task is too complicated and no one in this world could be confident enough to guarantee successful world-wide promotion.
When we talk about business we need some solid justification. And actually there is one.

As an expert, author or speaker you solve the problem. May be one that bothers only you, maybe there is a small group of like-minded people that supports you or there are millions of people that fit your target audience. But the actual difference maker is a problem.

When you can solve it personally without help of anybody then you do not need any world-wide promotion. Do it yourself and be happy. But there are goals that could be reached only when people from different countries, cultures and languages are engaged.

In that particular case you just have no choice but try to spread your ideas and find partners world-wide. Otherwise you should abandon your claims, dreams, ambitions and set another goal.

So, if your problem needs global engagement and you choose to proceed no matter what, we are here to help you.

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